Online Reputation Management & Reviews


Twenty years ago, a negative review from an upset customer was usually confined to a small audience of family and friends. Today, as the internet grows its presence around the world, a negative review can find itself sitting in front of hundreds — if not thousands! — of eyeballs through sites, apps, and other platforms allowing users to review or comment on products and services. While this jump in review accessibility can do wonders for accountability and drawing positive attention to your brand, negative reviews can have a deep impact on a customer’s perceptions.

As your business thoughtfully respond to reviews or comments, it’s also important to keep a steady eye on your own dialogue and actions. Any time we interact with customers through our websites, social captions or engagements, emails, third–party websites, etc., we are intentionally (and, sometimes not–so–intentionally!) evoking feelings from our audience. Though the process can be time consuming, monitoring these interactions will help to ensure positives feelings and opinions, leading to a well–perceived brand and business growth!

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