Case Study | Poly

Case Study | Poly

The Challenge

Poly via Trek Strategy tasked us with producing elements of products to bring to the amazon marketplace. We worked on this project closely with Trek Strategy and Poly to deliver final assets within a record timeframe.





The Results

130 Products were Analyzed for potential growth in the Amazon market. 57 Products were chosen by criteria, sales potential, strategic to poly, net margin, breadth of catalog and ability to reach consumers. Root and Roam helped create a new image gallery, product family videos, 360 images, robust A+ content, new marketing copy, and brand store.

Project Management

Trek Strategy and Root and Roam managed over 50 ASINS.  Each ASIN was assigned 5-8 carousel images, content, 4-5 A+ modules.  All of these graphics included quality image gathering, lifestyle photography, typesetting, backgrounds, and more.

Our team managed the project using, Adobe InDesign, Workfront, Adobe PDFs, Lightroom, Photoshop, and 360 imaging software.

360 Images

Root & Roam is certified in creating detailed 360 images ready for Amazon. 3,000 images were taken to produce these product 360 images. After capturing each angle of the product, we managed post-production to create a quality image, free of dust particles, scratches and lint.

On Location – Lifestyle Photoshoot

Managing all 53 products, Models, Photography, Content, took a dedicated team.  R&R organized products, managed model schedules, photography schedules, and final assets to complete a library of lifestyle photography needed for the carousel images.

Brand Guidelines

Poly presented the team with brand guidelines and we worked closely with the art director, attended training, and studied ways to follow the current brand guidelines while designing a style that would stand out on the Amazon Marketplace. We delivered native files early in the process to the company so they could use them as the new brand standard for amazon carousel images and applied to new products.

Carousel Images

Carousel images were created in an effort to keep brand identity consistent, and enhance images to meet amazon standards. Root and Roam created a unique template and incorporated visual text to enhance the mobile experience.

A+ Modules

A+ Content was refreshed and organized in a consistent manner.

In some products, we saw an 11% increase in conversion within the first month

As a result of our AMS initiatives, paid traffic to our various headsets has more than doubled to 25.9K clicks. Plantronics is the leader in the category, followed by Cyber Acoustics.

Case Study | Nature’s Rancher

Case Study | Nature’s Rancher


The Challenge

Nature’s Rancher presented to Root & Roam Integrated Marketing Agency over 30 retail products on the market. The label designs had been passed through several hands over the years resulting in inconsistent and outdated branding.

In a competitive and ever-growing market for all natural, humanely raised proteins, Nature’s Rancher products were easily overlooked as brand loyalty was not being fostered by outstanding, uniform design.

The Solution

Root & Roam’s first course of action was to rebrand Nature’s Rancher with a functional and recognizable logo to be used across all mediums including label design, print design, and digital assets. It was imperative that it reflect the modern rancher and uphold a standard of quality and simplicity just like the ingredients found in Nature’s Rancher products.

Our next step was to begin to tell Nature’s Rancher’s story through the colorways and typefaces we selected for the label designs. By doing so, the new packaging and labels would easily stand out amongst a slew of competitors in the meat case. The designs we created for Nature’s Rancher serve to further their identity as simple, transparent, and all natural, while maintaining the highest level of consistency.

The Results

Since signing on with Root & Roam Integrated Marketing Agency in 2017, all Nature’s Rancher product packaging has been updated to align with the new design standards set forth by our agency and are in Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Nature’s Rancher has seen a steady increase in gross sales year after year, with a measured 14% increase in sales from 2019 to 2020 despite the global pandemic.



“We were looking for a brand partner to breathe some life into the look and feel of our brand. We worked with Root & Roam and did a complete rebrand across our entire product line. We saw an increase in sales the following year because of the rebranding. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Root & Roam.”

Neil Dudley

Vice President of Sales, Nature’s Rancher