Week 3: Products And Services

Sep 9, 2020Traditional Marketing, Videography

The Root & Roam team brings you another episode in video content for marketing



A powerful aspect of video is the way it can illustrate and showcase what you provide to people in a way that allows them to quickly see the benefits and value of that product or service. Video gives you an opportunity to get a lot of information across very quickly. In a world with six second attention spans and a multitude of other things competing for your customers attention, use that fact to your advantage.



What’s the message you’re aiming to get across with your video? Are you highlighting your products and services? Are you looking to convey the solutions you bring to the table for your customers? Maybe you’re looking to touch on all those areas. This is an opportunity to inform and educate your audience on what it is you do and what exactly you can offer them – while giving them insight on the type of people they’ll be working with each step of the way. Find ways to touch on all the points that are important to you and imperative for your audience to know, and do it in a way that’s personable and entertaining. Stay close to the traits that are important to your brand, while being authentic and engaging people in a way that benefits them as much as you.



As you likely know, each platform that allows video content has various rules, formats, and audiences that they cater to. You have the OG video content platform of Youtube – where you can upload anything from a professionally shot motion picture or two-hour lecture to a 15 second promo shot with your front facing camera – and still be able to find an audience for both. There’s platforms like Snapchat where videos are typically casual, short, and oftentimes temporary. Instagram is somewhere in between, with ephemeral background stories and slides, feed videos that can last up to a minute, and the fairly recent IGTV that creates a space for long-form video and people who really want to dig into what it is you’re all about. Facebook is somewhat of an extension of IG in this respect, but remember that Instagram was created for visuals – whereas Facebook is a place for all forms of content.